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Pee Female, Ladies Stand and Pee Product | Best Female Urinal Portable Device - WeeMate

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Who can use?

WeeMate,made in India,is a urinating device which is a disposable, recyclable made of cardboard that allows women to cautiously/freely relieve the bladder while standing. Now women can enjoy the same convenience as men. Mindfully custom made to fit neatly in a pocket, backpack, and handbag. It’s ideal for traveling, camping, Malls, Airports, railway stations, hiking, festivals, and many more.

Rock on ladies! Freedom to pee safely is finally here.

Why to use?

Public toilets for women are either inadequate, unusable & unhygienic, located in unsafe and inappropriate locations, locked, or in most cases completely absent. It also facilitates care and gives the woman more independence to pee safely in her old age. On trips, in a tent and during pregnancy, WeeMate is the perfect solution. A Relief from holding it in and squatting.

You don’t have to worry about a split stream, peeing down your butt, exposure of private parts, splashing your feet and clothing, or any of the other horrible things that can occur when you pop a squat.

Where to Use?

Weemate finds its use in all public washrooms especially in trains, railway stations, metro stations, airports, washroom in malls & restaurants. It is convenient, practical, comfortable, economical, and easy to use.

How to Use?

Although it is easy to use, we definitely recommend you practice it first at home a few times. Doing this will get you comfortable & in the habit fast! Squatting comes naturally but standing while peeing needs some practice.

Let’s see how to use WeeMate...

  • Gently press the top, front & back to POP open the WeeMate.
  • With a WeeMate, you merely unzipper your pants, and move your underwear to the side or pull it down from the front.
  • Place the wider end of the funnel snug against the skin and back far enough to completely cover the area that pee flows from.
  • Bend a little to ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards. Now relax & pee.
  • After use, dispose of it in the bin.