About WeeMate

In a boost to women empowerment a women-friendly urination device has caught the attention of today's educated and savvy women.

The device called WeeMate has been launched by the entrepreneur Neha Chachra with an aim to help women counter dirty public toilets and to protect them from deadly infections that they may get from using the public toilet seats.

A couple of years back she had met with an accident and while recuperating she encountered difficulty in accessing hygienic public toilets. She understood that this is a common dilemma and many women like her might have to face a similar challenge every day.

In due course, she came up with the idea of WeeMate to save all the women from the horrors of public toilets. The revolutionary pee friendly device WeeMate aids a female to urinate while standing upright and avoid sitting on dirty toilets.

The main purpose of the device is to funnel urine away from women while she... read more